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saw a play today

and it was pretty swell. it was really awkward because it was Asuncion written by Jesse Eisenberg, and the only reason I went if because my super fan girl of a sister got tickets for her birthday and her friend bailed last minute. 

it would seem as though Mr. Eisenberg typecasted himself for this one. writing an awkward dude then choosing to play the awkward dude. i think i would have found it funnier if i did not find anxiety to induce my anxiety, so it took a while for me to be comfortable watching that amount of awkward 30 feet in front of me. but it was well written, not innovative or anything really, but a little bit more than decent. i think the main draw was him and the nerdy guy from national treasure. the real star was the title character who stole the show, she was amazing, Camille Mana, killed it.

the absolute best part of the show was the house music. so yea…..

end of awkward theatre review.