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Los Campesinos! just released a new song called Tiptoe Through The True Bits. It was recorded at the same time as their latest album, Hello Sadness, but it didn’t fit on the album, so they’re giving it away now. It’s damn good, but you already knew it would be. Download.

can’t wait to leave work so i can listen to this bad boy. 

Happy International Women's Day!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to release this mix I have been sitting on for awhile. Its some of my favorite lady musicians & bands from the past few years. There have been loads of really great female musicians throughout history but I feel that currently, at least in the music I am into the lady factor is pretty low. This mix doesn’t even scratch the surface, I left off loads of acts here, some by accident, some of the lack of space, so please don’t hate me if your favorites don’t appear because chances are they definitely make the cut of people I listen to, enjoy, and respect artistically. I’ve already done the rant of lack of female music critics and being treated differently in the record collecting/music appreciation scene because I’m female so I won’t go down that road again, but I hope this gives those who doubt a bit of a taste of what they are missing out on. 

1. Go - Santigold feat. Karen O

2. Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (i had to. most of its kitsch, but she got a lot of attention for doing something different, so i dig it.)

3. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do - Robyn

4. …And We Exhale and Roll Our Eyes In Unison - Los Campesinos! (Ok, not all women in the band, in fact a minority. But the band has gone on record saying that this song was written about how boring the current scene is with just a bunch of dudes with guitars and how the female perspective adds something more. Paraphrasing their intentions for sure, but something around that.)

5. Dust Me Off - Tilly & The Wall

6. Wood, Lead, Rubber - Agent Ribbons

7. Elephants - Warpaint

8. Vessel - Zola Jesus

9. Give Out - Sharon Van Etten

10. Sadness is A Blessing - Lykke Li

11. Salinas - Laura Marling

12. Cheerleader - St. Vincent

13. Keep on Livin’ - Le Tigre

Bonus! I just joined the listserve for this really amazing female empowerment arts collective/group that does projects in major cities around the country. I am currently in talks with them to possibly start chapters in colleges. They are called Permanent Wave, follow their blog and hand over you e-mail to find out about all sorts of cool and interesting ways to get involved in the movement. 

Why is romance boring?
It’s not. It’s boring in the same way I say iPads are shit — because I want an iPad but can’t afford one.

Gareth Campesinos! interviews by

goddamn i love this band.

I’m glad to see Ollie still on the blogger list at

Hope, maybe?
I’m still upset. blargh.

I’m glad to see Ollie still on the blogger list at

Hope, maybe?

I’m still upset. blargh.