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The full playlist! Including streams for the songs spotify didn’t have. Also the listing for 20-1!

20. The Walkmen - Heaven

19. Japandroids - Celebration Rock

18. Niki & The Dove - Instinct

17. Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

16. Alt- J ∆ - An Awesome Wave

15. Crystal Castles - III

14. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

13. John Talabot - ƒin

12. Yellow Ostrich - Strange Land

11. Purity Ring - Shrines

10. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city

9. Prinzhorn Dance School - Clay Class

8. Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

7. The xx - Coexist

6. Frank Ocean - channelORANGE

5. Hot Chip - In Our Heads

4. Jessie Ware - Devotion

3. Fort Romeau - Kingdoms

2. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble

1. Grimes - Visions

Other Streams:

(Source: Spotify)

Top 15 EPs of 2012! Here is a really sweet track from all of them. There are a few that spotify didn’t have, find them below as well as the real order of the list.

15. Sky Ferreira - Ghost "Everything is Embarrassing"

14. Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru "Kiss Kiss"

13. Girl Unit - Club Rez “Plaza”

12. Body Language - Grammar “Lose My Head”

11. Yellow Ostrich - Ghost ”Ghost”

10. Benoit & Sergio - New Ships “Lipstick and Lace”

9. Agent Ribbons - Let Them Talk “Family Haircut”

8. Katy B - Danger ”Aaliyah feat. Geeneus & Jessie Ware”

7. Angel Haze - New York “New York”

6. Icona Pop - Iconic “Ready For The Weekend”

5. TNGHT - TNGHT  ”Goooo”

4. Azealia Banks - 1991 “Van Vogue”

3. AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It “You Know You Like It”

2. George Fitzgerald - Child “Child”

1. Disclosure - The Face “Control feat. Ria Ritchie” 

(Source: Spotify)

I got bored, and technically it is tomorrow so here are, in NO particular order my top 20 tracks of 2012. I separated these ones here because they either came out as a single, are due out on albums next year (maybe), and aren’t featured on any of my favorite EP’s or albums of the year. The songs spotify didn’t have find below. And look out for the rest of the listings later this week and early next week on beats will control!

(Source: Spotify)

Ladies, this is pitiful. I didn’t think this was possible really.

This is a screenshot from the data of the Pitchfork Reader’s List—and unless a lot of women didn’t report their gender in the survery/listing process, this is pretty lame. 

Ladies, this is pitiful. I didn’t think this was possible really.

This is a screenshot from the data of the Pitchfork Reader’s List—and unless a lot of women didn’t report their gender in the survery/listing process, this is pretty lame. 

Remember when this was a music blog?

well its about to be again for a hot second!

Things I have been listening to and loving:

Fort Romeau - Kingdoms

Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

Niki & The Dove - Instinct

Nite Jewel - One Second To Love

Screaming Females - Ugly

Things I have been listened to that have bored me:

Best Coast - The Only Place

Santigold - Master of My Make Believe

Things I am really, really looking forward to:

Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

Little Boots - untitled upcoming second lp

Twin Shadow - Confess

Suckers -  Candy Salad

tipsy emailing record labels asking for internships. let’s see where that gets me. lolz.

but i actually kinda want to settle for bard this summer. that is if i get it.

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Ghost Light, “You Already Know”, Awful Feelings EP

My friend Barrett is releasing a pretty incredible EP next month (on Valentine’s Day!), and his label just put it up for pre-order. This record has been on heavy rotation for me since this past summer, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is being released as a (beautiful and lovingly made) cassette tape, but it comes with a digital download, too, so you can bump it wherever. Barrett is also one of my best friends in the entire world, and I had the privilege of seeing these songs develop over the time he was writing them. It’s a release that means a lot to me and you should buy it.

More info about the record, and ordering it, here.

It’s going to be a beautiful thing people. I’m listening to it now and its the best decision I made all day.

music writing, women, and things that are ridiculous.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a book in a local bookstore up by Bard which has a really great section of music criticism and memoir books that I like to peruse through and would buy given the fact that I was not dead broke. The book in question, Record Collecting For Girls by Courtney E. Smith. Now disclaimer right up front, I have not yet read Ms. Smith’s book, and may not get to it for a while, but the title alone made me double take and want to rip it off the shelf in anger. Before reading the back of it, any reviews, or articles about it, I already had an issue with it. What makes the act of record collecting any different for women than men? As far as I am concerned I am just as physically equipped to flip through a book of crisply plastic wrapped new records at Other Music or where-have you or sift through dusty piles at Salvation Army as any man that I’ve seen do it. Mentally and emotionally, its the same business too. I have seen men who match my fan’girl’iness or obsession with and band, at times even exceed it. I’ve listened to their rants and raves and even gotten into bidding wars on ebay with them. The same way I do with other women who also collect records or are avid music fans. Why should the experience of enjoying one of the most remarkable mediums in history, music, in such a satisfying tangible form, an LP, be described as any different based on the gender of the person snatching it up and listening to it? And it’s not even limited to just that in my mind. How is an 8 year old girl’s undying fanaticism for Justin Bieber any different for an 22 year old man’s love for the Mountain Goats? (I get the taste difference, but forgo that for the sake of the argument please if you can.)

I just cannot understand it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that vinyl records are a hobby now, in the 1970’s when people were buying records because that was it maybe this was not such an issue, who knows. And maybe this whole thing is not as polished an argument as it should be. I have been collecting records for years now, I have had the opportunity to interact with other collectors both on a personal and business level, and yes, in my experience I have met more men than women who are involved in record collecting as a hobby, but I have not noticed that they obtain more pleasure out of it than women. I have have gotten into passionate arguments of all sorts of issues about music equally with more men and women. Maybe its because I came of age in a time where all people strived to be the stereotypical music nerd and its not unusual for me. But I cannot pretend that I do not notice the lack of female music writers and noted critics. And I cannot commend Courtney E. Smith, no matter what the subject matter of her book actually is, for aiming to differentiate something as simple as collecting records and enjoying music by gender. 

For another take on whatever the hell that up there was, a definitely a more eloquent one, check out Rachel Maddux’s review of both Record Collecting for Girls and Out of the Vinyl Deeps by Ellen Willis here.