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get dooooooooooooown

great new single/video for “lonely boy” of the upcoming black keys el camino

yay! underage drinking!

yay! ruining really expensive microphones with honey!

yay! being so darn cute!

i just want to be their friend so damn much. 

can’t wait for Dye It Blonde to drop.

She is so fabulous.(ly) weird and awesome.

For some reason my computer won’t copy the embed link, so I just had to link back to the url. Sorry about that.

of Montreal in Coquet Coquette

It’s ridiculous, over the top, somewhat grotesque and of course I love it.

I never thought I would see Kevin Barnes in a fight seen, but BP Poole I can definitely see as a shaman!

Scissor Sisters - “Any Which Way” video

I love it. The color, the suggestiveness, the sushi ghostbusters backpack, the fire helmet. All of it, simply great.


Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

Sweet video for my favorite song off the album!

Sorry about not being consistent with this thing lately. I’ve been in Madrid for the past few days and will be here until Wednesday. Synopsis and pictures (and more blogging) to come upon my return!

This video is so much fun!

I really like the integration of real time sound and also the very strange “panduhs”.